Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Episode 27 is going to change your life.

This is an Episode for the Ages.

Why, you ask? Because this is the episode that will go down in history as the one that completely and utterly redefined your image of the BarcodePodcast. Episode 27 is the one you will always remember where your lovable old Barcode Boys made the leap to super-stardom, because this is the moment where
the BCP and HOLLYWOOD collide!

Finally, the Boys will live up to the longest teased bit in podcast history by finally proving themselves to all their fans and getting a world-exclusive interview with non-other than Kari Wahlgren, the Queen of All Media! She's been in countless movies, commercials, anime, and even video games, and she wants to talk to you. Listen as she discusses how to break into the industry, her work with that Star Trek kid, her favorite beers, and her fears over Mike's fixation with children, and not in a good way. You will fear Mike more than ever.

But WAIT, there's more! You will hear more coverage of GDC than you probably need, but way less than the now-infamous E3 Blow-Out. Want to finally hear the Boys spend more than three minutes discussing what they are playing? Tune in! And listen to Craig passionately defend why all media will one day even up utilizing electronic distribution, not just video games, to a clueless Mike.

And in case it's even a question anymore, they drink quite a bit, but the difference is they can't blame their drunkenness on fake sponsors anymore. Because for this episode, the Boys even have an honest-to-goodness sponsor! Listen as they drunkenly try to convey the wonders of www.limbgear.com, or just head on over to the site to get a better idea than those drunken douches could ever explain.

Check it all out and more over at www.BarcodePodcast.com!

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