Saturday, July 3, 2010

Episode 38 is a Lost Cause.

Holy Crap. Mike likes Lost.

At least the final episode. Really, that's the only one he ever watched. And he still felt qualified to review that episode. Sometimes I'm as confused by our show as you are.

Anyway, Episode 38, by nature of the since the previous episode, is jam-packed full of goodness. Not only do we spend time on the final epic episode of Lost, but we review multiple summer blockbusters, rate our own abilities to predict the future through the Hype Machine ReSpawned, and we ultimately tear into the games we've been playing. Which is partially why this episode was so late. The other reason are the two babies the Barcode Boys have been raising. (Hint: One is an actual living thing, and the other is a band. Figure out who's is who.)

Most importantly, we prep for the upcoming 2010 E3 Wrap-Up episode, which may or may not end in tears or fears. Possible with Tears for Fears. Who knows? Either way, you have to check this one out to truly believe a couple of men can fly.

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Makk & Mike

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