Friday, January 16, 2009

Episode 23, the BCPGOTY Awards!!

The 2nd Annual BCPGOTY Award Spectacular 2008 is finally here! The Boys have an insane amount of awards this year, so each one has its own chapter to make navigation even easier. Plus, Wacker makes another (horrible) appearance on the Show, and mumbles some incomprehensible babble. The amazing thing is that even though they don't agree on everything, the face that they actually agree on anything at all should count for something. Craig gets angry and loud again (which is becoming a bit of a "we get it, you argue a lot" moment at this point), and Mike still sounds like he is barely knowledgeable enough to be on the Show at all. Oh, and they drink a lot, as usual. But this time it's crappy Carlsberg....yes, it can't always be good beer, we know.

Just so you know, you can find the BCPGOTY Awards listed in the blog post immediately following this one, along with a sticky on the main page. Seriously, if you aren't sick of these awards by the time you are done, you must have some Jedi mind tricks to preserve your sanity. Feel free to comment on the blog or via email if you think the Boys blew it when giving out the Awards, and when in doubt, follow the Show's mantra: Blame Wacker.

-Makk & Mike

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