Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy New WebSite....I mean Year!

With a Brand New Year comes a
Brand New Episode 24!
Well, it's actually the ONLY Episode 24, but who's counting? Hopefully you're not counting the number of times Mike tries out the brand new SOUNDBOARD, or you will lose your friggin mind! It's like watching a mentally challenged kid try to play with his new toy plastic bag...painfully, potentially dangerous, but you just can't look away. But Craig's effort to be funny is just as bad...and seriously uncomfortable. Punch out, Maverick!
But seriously, this show brings a lot of new content, a brand new Rant-Zolutions segment for 2009, and an in-studio guest. Possibly the last in-studio guest ever, as the boys are clearly not used to being called out on their bullshit. And they FINALLY finish the WORST BIT EVER CREATED, by ANYONE, EVER. Seriously. They almost quite doing the show in protest, but not quite.
Anyway, check out the new episode. You will most likely love 25% of what they say, hate about 50%, and be embarrassed by the remainder. Don't forget to drink along with the boys, or the end will be really uncomfortable to listen to. Drinking only makes it easier, trust me.
Check it all out and more at!
-Makk & Mike

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  1. Ummmm, learn how to type, or at least spell check. There is a difference between "quite" and "quit". One is how bad the show really is, and the other is what you should do because of it.