Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The BarcodePocast isn't just about tech, right?

There is also that little part about the liquor. Beer, to be exact. Well, the Boys decided to give you all a very special Episode this week:

The Beer Episode!

This is the very first time you have ever seen (or heard) an episode this incredible, this ambitious, this awe-inspiring, so strap in, kids! The Boys were able to pull together a bunch of alcohol-themed Listener Live questions (some better than other...and some just plain terrible), beer-related News items, a beer version of ListMania (which you can find under Updates Galore as well as in this blog), and their most ambition bit yet: a first-ever, LIVE on the podcast, Beer-Tasting Competition! You will just have to listen to find out who will be crowned the King of All Beers. Plus, as a Bonus, the Boys replay their Award-Winning "Build the Best Bar" bit that you all raved over.

As scary as it may be, you will most likely even learn something from this episode, so grab a beer or twelve, try not to get too hammered, and enjoy the First Ever (but certainly not the Last) BarcodePodcast Beer Episode!

Check all this out and more over at!

-Makk & Mike

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  1. Don't forget to check out the Blog Posting for the Alcohol-Themed ListMania and names of the Beer Tasting Competition beers!