Monday, November 9, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS, our dear friends.

Congrats...You All Deserve It.
We, the Barcode Boys of the famed BarcodePodcast, are delighted to officially send out this congratulatory post to ye of eternal glory, the one, the only, NEW YORK YANKEES.
As firm and staunch supporters of the "Yanks", we are honored to welcome you into our families as World Champions! While the Phillies put up a nice little struggle, we were always confident that you would be victorious, and you have proved us right once again. This is a short but sweet "Thank You" for making our lives more enjoyable, and this world a better place to live. Thank you again, and may you all have a prosperous off-season in preparation for another Back-to-Back World Series Victory (being the last team to do it, of course)! We both could not be happier for your success, and wish you all the best! Keep it up.
Your Two Biggest Fans in Podcast History,
The Barcode Boys, Craig & Mike

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