Monday, November 9, 2009

Episode 33 will crawl its way through your eyeballs and into your brain.


Did we scare you? Yeah, I know, you are too scared to respond. That's because you are about to listen to the "Halloween Edition", BarcodePodcast-style!

In this episode the Boys explore the holiday we all loved as kids by celebrating via Beer! Pumpkin beer, that is. And boy does it get them wrecked. So wrecked that they actually switch up some of their bits!! MIKE'S Bad Movie Review?? WHAAAAT? How scared are you? Wait, did you say CRAIG takes the lead on a List-Mania List of "Piss Your Pants"-Inducing Games?? Stop it, I can't take any more!! Oh, and the Boys dig deep into the Listener Live vault for real, live voicemails from horrific-sounding fans! It just keeps getting worse! Who needs "Paranormal Activity" when you have...

The BarcodePodcast....Boo.

Did I mention they got hammered? Wow, did they ever.

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