Saturday, August 29, 2009

They're BACK (for the 31st time)....and BETTER THAN EVER!!!

So we took a break....sue us.

Actually, please don't. We could never afford it. Unless you want to start paying to listen to the BarcodePodcast. Is that what you're saying? We could definitely do that. Yeah....let us think about that more.

Anyway, Episode 31 is finally here. We know, we haven't been around for a bit. Life caught up with your favorite podcasters, and a break was necessary. But absence makes the asshole sound more interesting, so now it's back! Get ready for an interesting one....we came back full force and angrier than ever.

Take a listen as the Boys talk about the "Summer Trifectum" (is that even a goddamm word??), engage in a rapid fire discussion of news to cover their lack of knowledge about current events, regain and old favorite sponsor (and break up with a new one after an uncomfortable short-term relationship), interview an incredibly cool and hip (hint....hire us) industry insider, explain thoughts on some last-gen game for some reason, generally ramble longer than ever, and get really, really drunk. They may even have a drinking problem...but they will never admit it, so eff off.

Seriously, the boys are back....but I guess "better than ever" might be a stretch. Just listen anyway, you will love it.

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