Thursday, June 4, 2009

Episode 29 will change the way you think about the BarcodePodcast.

Honestly, this Episode is Ground-Breaking.

Did you ever think you would be able to listen and respond to the Barcode Boys in REAL-TIME??

Well, now you can!

Thanks to the magic of the InnnerWebs, the Boys decided to broadcast the show live via LiveStream (formerly in formerly like a few days ago while we were recording)! Then they decided to broadcast LIVE VIDEO! Yeah, as in the stuff that you don't get to see while listening to an AUDIO Podcast. So you are being notified up front: there are visual bits that were HILARIOUS while happening, but essentially utterly incomprehensible when you listen to it. Great way to bring in fans, right?
Anyway, the show starts as an absolute mess, with TONS of technical difficulties due to their desire to try to set this all up mere minutes before starting the show. But once things got rolling, this is a show for the ages. We learn such wonderful things as Mike's nickname for his genitals, which famous ex-action heroes are faithful listeners of the show, the inconsistencies of teleportation, game characters that look like accident victims, and much, much more. Plus we learn how to call and harass the Boys, which makes everything worthwhile. Honestly, you just need to listen for yourself. This show defies explanation.

-Check it all out and more over at!

-Makk & Mike

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