Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need More Episode 29 Info?

You've Come to the Right Place.

Here's where we blog all the important things we talked about in Episode 29, and let you go enjoy it at your leisure. Don't forget to write in with your ideas for the Royal Rumble.

By the way, since I forgot last time, last Episode's Survey results said that 75% of the Listeners only beat about 25% or less of the games they play, with the remaining 25% claiming to beat an astounding 90% or more! Do not hesitate to answer the Survey this time, and please, if you ever see one of those 25% online, please mock those losers mercilessly. 90%?? Get a job!!

2) The BarcodePodcast Hot Line: (609) 910-1771

3) BarcodePodcast Insider's Dictionary Entry:
"The Stairwell Effect": refers to Mike's insistence that in order to explain away an absolutely ridiculous plot twist, one must simply say that the event is true; this will provide the watcher with all the information needed to believe the insane. For example, if the movie in question has a superhero who flies about in a steel suit fighting crime, the watcher will be unable to accept the premise without an explanation of where the fuel is kept. One must simply say, "Remember that incredible invention of the Fuel Capsule that can run an entire fleet of metal suits simply by placing them in the wearer's feet? Amazing, right?" Now this plot becomes completely plausible.
Used as in, "Whoa, how did Batman get all the way up on the roof of that 500 story buil....oooooh, wait, I see. Doesn't that sign say 'Stairwell'? Now it makes sense. Commence with the movie."

4) Game Shame On You Pick: Indigo Prophecy

5) Royal Rumble Selections
-Big Daddy
-Buddy Dacote
-Duke Nukem
-Gordon Freeman
-Random GTA Guy
-James Bond
-Donkey Kong
-Samus Aran
-Leon Kennedy
-WWII Soldier

-Solid Snake
-Master Chief
-Lara Croft
-Toe Jam
-Bo Jackson
-Johnny Cage
-Super-Mutant (Fallout)
-King of All Cosmos
-Albert Wesker
-Saren (Mass Effect)
-Nathan "Radd" Spencer
-Buzz the Quiz Show Host

(Add Your Own Ideas by Emailing!)

6) E3 Predictions
-Microsoft Motion Controller
-Sony Video Controller
-Team ICO Game Shown
-Alan Wake Video Shown
-Heavy Rain Playable
-PS3 Price Drop
-MAG Playable
-PSP Go! Officially Launches
-Ken Levine Game Launched
-MGS5 Shown
-Half-Life Episode 3 or something in the HL Universe Shown
-Most to Lose: Nintendo
-Mike: Microsoft Wins
-Craig: Sony Wins

Finally, don't forget, the Question of the Week is, "Who do you think won at E3?" Email us at Enjoy!

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-Makk & Mike

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