Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Episode 28!

We Know You Don't Always Take Notes... we post all the pertinent information from the show both on the Blog as well as on the Home Page under Updates Galore for your perusal. Honestly, it's amazing we get this up at all, because we don't take notes either and we also get really, really drunk. So we usually wing this section. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

1) Best Websites to Swap Games Instead of Buying: and

2) Our "Build the Perfect Handheld" Specs:
-Screen: 480 x 272, 4.3 inch Widescreen Display
-Form Factor: No Flip, Single Screen
-Input and Control: Touch Screen, Dual Analog Stick that Pops Up or Slides Underneath, Buttons Alongside vs Below Screen
-Add-ons: Ability to Attach Second Screen
-Shape: No Bigger than Current PSP, Must Fit in Pocket
-Game Delivery System: Digital Distribution, Ability to Transfer Games and Saves To/From PC
- Added Functionality: Camera, MP3, Mobile Wi-Fi, Optional Data Service (G3, etc), TouchScreen Keyboard
-Extras: Variable Birghtness Dial, Auto-Updating, Stand-By Mode Without Battery Drain

3) Heavy Metal Computers: See the Updates Galore Page for Examples of Heavy Metal Computers, and email MetalForever@Comcast.Net for More Information

You better go check some of these pages out! Enjoy, and see you next Episode!

-Makk & Mike

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