Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Show Turns 30...

...and yet the Barcode Fans still act like children.

Not that we're complaining or anything. I mean, seriously, we do a podcast about drinking and video games, so who are we to judge our fans? Now judge all the hard work of all the major players in the industry who put together elaborate showpieces for 2009's version of the Electronic Entertainment Expo? Now THAT's the kind of judging we can get behind.

And judge we do, by essentially crapping on their actual work using witty little inside jokes and drunken ramblings. But we are allowed to, because we have mics in front of our mouths, fans watching us live on the Internet via multiple cameras, callers from all walks of life, and proof that girls actually do like us. Seriously, a GIRL called out show! And she sounded hot! Like REAL person hot, not "Take what you can get because you're doing a tech podcast" hot. For real, you need to check that part out. We were just as surprised as you.

Anyway, this episode is all about E3, and once again we're able to prove that while we may not know as much about this stuff as we think we do, we DEFINITELY know more than you do, so just listen and learn as the Barcode Masters take you for a ride of knowledge. While under the influence. You should probably just buckle up, just to be safe.

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